The Audio Technica ATH-T500 Headphone Review

The Audio Technica ATH-T500 is a pair of dynamic closed headphones with the aid of Audio Technica. They are branded under the company’s T-series line. Still labeled as an audiophile headphone, I individually assume that this is the company’s strive to introduce cheap finances audiophile headphones.


One of the wonderful features of Audio Technica headphones is the total absence of sliding headbands, which nearly each other headphone company in the market is having now. Instead, they have two tubular buildings to preserve the cups aside and a stretchable leather-based headband, which is placed before the tubular structures. This function is dubbed the smooth head guide system. Well thanks to the Audio Technica’s Japanese innovation, there will no longer be a problem of clipped hairs when carrying headphones. The comfort comes with a price, which is the multiplied dimension of the headphones and the inability for it to be stored flat. For people buying a pair of headphones for domestic usage, this will not be an issue. The cups are circumaural, which means that they rest around the ear as opposed to on the ear. This makes them very comfortable and perfect for hours of usage. Isolation on the ATH-T500 is great, basically due to the fact that they are circumaural and closed. The headphones have a single sided cord, which is current in many dj headphones even though these are as a substitute audiophile headphones. The twine is thick, stiff and of properly fantastic and is 3 m in length, a bit too long however the headphones were supposed to be used indoors anyway. The connecter is a 3.5 gold-plated plug and of route with any audiophile headphone, a 6.3mm adaptor too.

The headphones are made of black plastic with a bit of steel used at the cups. The aluminum used at the cups is supposed to help limit vibration and produce higher sound. They are lightweight at solely 270g and feel very a whole lot made of plastic, but retaining them reassures you that they are a pair of solid headphones. Wearing them for the first time, it felt like they were too mild to be on my head. I had to shake my head a few instances to make sure that they have been tightly closed and the soft head aid machine worked perfectly, the headphone didn’t even budge. The ear pads themselves are tender and are included in fake leather. Due to the material used on the ear pads, they sense extremely blissful but can get warm on the ears after an hour of usage.


For the sound of these headphones, they are right at reproducing mids. Vocals are extraordinarily clear and they praise the treble very well. I was once listening to Secret Garden with these headphones and I used to be like “hell yeah, new age is tremendous on these”. However, here is a certain lack of punchy bass with these headphones and my bet is that Audio Technica aimed at making these headphones analytical and neutral. The sound has less coloration compared to many different headphones on hand but they are no longer laid back. The motive why I would now not reflect onconsideration on these headphones to have a laid returned sound is because the mids and highs absolutely stand out and are pretty aggressive. This permits the listener to hear a honest quantity of detail from these headphones. Listening to cymbals, these headphones supply a nice “ting” to every hit. The soundstage is common as the mids and highs are slightly tough to separate and the bass does now not give you that best thump. The bass is accurate however in my honest opinion, a little extra coloration on the bass would really make my day. An amp ought to sort that hassle out.

Lastly, riding the headphones does not always require an amp; it simply relies upon where the supply is from. They will work satisfactory with a computer / laptop, but are no longer recommended with a transportable mp3 device. Since this is now not a transportable headphone, it must now not be a problem as most shoppers would use it for domestic usage, however if you still would desire to use it with an iPod, I advise adding an amp and/or amp DAC combo on your iPod. These precise headphones can virtually suck the juice out of your transportable device. An amp will assist improve the bass and the overall sound satisfactory of these headphones. Overall, they are a very less costly pair of audiophile headphones with super comfort, a sturdy build and no longer to point out super detailed and neutral sound.

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