Some Tips For Recording With A Lapel Mic

Do you choose to get gorgeous results when miking any one for broadcast or film? Who wouldn’t?Here is some sure fire advice for getting the pleasant results when recording your concern with lapel mics. Discussed are some of the problems associated with lapel mics and some approaches to remedy them. Ready?


To make it less difficult for placement the Genius will do higher sporting a buttoned shirt. With a button-down shirt you may do high-quality by using setting the lapel mic between the pinnacle two buttons. Despite its name it’s best not to region it on your collar or lapel. The mic must be about 8″ from the mouth. If your subject is wearing a t-shirt wrap the mic cable at the back of their neck and bring it below the t-shirt. Fasten the mic beneath so the mic nonetheless factors upward. When sporting a t-shirt the mic tends to choose to point downward, so check and make certain that it’s mounted in such a way as to ensure that it is upright.


Discretion and diplomacy are, useless to say, very important. The subject is possibly used to being fairly harshly handled in setting the mic. Let your intelligence put on their personal microphone. Request them to thread the cable with no trouble and stabilize it as they wish. After the the man or woman has positioned it, casually ask him/her if it’s OK to regulate it yourself to make closing

Wind Noise:

When it is windy outdoor you will want to make certain that the mic has a wind sock or foam filter. Even if there is no wind it is prudent to have it just in case the wind kicks up. Even a mild breeze can ruin a perfectly completed broadcast. It will additionally guard really from the ambient noise that these mics are prone to choosing up. Even if you don’t have one or choose to go to the cost of buying a filter, one can always trend one – utilizing a bit of foam and affixing it with a rubber band in order to tightly closed it.

Also regarding the wind screen, if you have somebody that can stand by using and hold a massive
piece of foam core blocking off the path of the wind source, the assistant can act as a display to stop the wind from registering.


Always hear with a pair of headphones. With a mixer this will be very effortlessly a executed by wiring it to the headphone input. When it comes to listening to what the mic is really shooting headphones are essential,whether it is distortion or wind noises.

Although these recommendations are not complete for the lapel mic user, they provide some greater information for turning into a higher and more profitable shooter.

Howard Fine has accomplished a favored place in the world of broadcasting and video. Through his knowledge, these suggestions can lead one to higher requirements of recording with lavalier [] mics, from the newbie to the professional.

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