Review of Select Comfort Rest & Read Pillow With Cover

The Select Comfort Rest & Read pillow is a dual-support pillow. It was once created to provide alleviation while sitting in bed, analyzing or watching TV. Its charge is round $60.

The pillow elements two sections that grant differing levels of guide to the neck and shoulder location as properly as the back. One section of the pillow has a foam polystyrene bead fill. The other section of the pillow has a down-alternative or “gel” fiberfill. Included is a 230-thread-count cotton zippered cover. While the cover can be laptop washed and dried, the pillow itself be spot cleaned with a mild detergent.

I was in a auto accident quite a few months ago, and I needed a pillow to help me sit up in bed so that I should work on my laptop, study or watch television. I used countless “normal” pillows to prop me up, but I may want to no longer obtain good comfort, so I bought a Comfort Rest and Read Pillow. It has worked very properly in supplying guide for my back, neck and shoulders. In fact, I favored the first one so much that I additionally offered a 2d to increase my feet. And it succeeds in this project just as well.

My Select Comfort pillows have held up moderately well to my almost day-to-day use, and as a end result I assume that they are a properly value.

On the downside, Select Comfort does now not provide instances for their pillow, though the pillow does come with a first-class zippered cover. However, I do desire that I may want to wash them in the machine as opposed to basically spot cleansing them.

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