Nolan Helmets – Why Are They Everywhere?

If you’re in to motorcycling at all then you’ll understand that Nolan helmets have a reputation for quality and cost for money. Is it simply me or do they appear to be everywhere you seem to be these days? Even Casey Stoner sports activities one!

Why are they so popular?

They are not the cheapest but they aren’t the most luxurious either.

Maybe it comes back to the historic adage “If you’ve got received a $50 head, get a $50 lid”.

Nolan helmets are not for these people with a $50 head.

Half Of Europe

Over the last thirty years or so Nolan have managed to tightly closed round 50% of the motorbike helmet market in Europe. Yep, nearly 1/2 of all lids bought in Europe are Nolan Helmets – it’s a stunning figure. So they have to be doing something right then.

Part of their success is down to the range of lids they offer. From the actual retro Cruise half-helmet with it is chrome colored rivets all the way up to the X-1002 which is a high quality modular helmet, equipped with a VPS sunshield and the SL machine which approves single-hand (left side) or two-hand launch of the chin bar.

Always Connected

Along with the scope of their range, there may be continually the world-famous N-Com verbal exchange system. Their blurb says:

… you will always be connected to the world. No depend where you are, whether or not you are using your motorcycle or scooter, you can use the N-Com device to communicate on your cell phone or pay attention to music on your MP3 player, or to join to a Bike-to-Bike Radio to talk with other bikes… Moreover, you can discuss with the aid of intercom with your passenger (Bluetooth or cable).

So, they like it anyway – more importantly though it is the pleasant promoting intercom gadget for bikers proper now. It’s easy to set up and the Nolan N102 (full face flip-up) and N42 (jet) helmets are already designed for installation.

Maybe it’s less complicated to see why they have around 50% of the European market then.

Are you looking for the first-rate offers on Nolan helmets?

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