List Building Guide – Your Dash to the Profit Zone!

Day 1: Introduction – Day 1 is about taking stock of the whole thing you currently have and where you are looking to go. You can use this records over and over once more for all of your commercial enterprise ideas. It is about changing our thinking frames from a position of scarcity to a role of abundance. The identify of the recreation in any commercial enterprise is provide until it hurts. Two of the most profitable companies, Walmart and Microsoft are amazing examples of this.

These agencies located approaches to supply more than any of their competitors. Walmart usually has the first-rate prices. Early on, they went immediately to the customers that cherished them to provide their services. They made it very convenient for their customers to purchase from them. They did this even even though it had by no means been accomplished before. They had been innovators. They confronted hazard even even though income was uncertain. They gave and they gave until it hurt. This spirit of “giving” allowed them to decimate K-Mart when they have been barely a blip on the map. Why? Because they gave greater value and offerings to their purchasers than K-Mart was once inclined to do.

Microsoft added the pc to the masses. In the historic days, before Windows was developed if you didn’t understand what a root listing was the pc was a overseas alien to you. Microsoft uncovered the alien love in all of us by way of developing a “GUI” interface which is basically factor and click. Microsoft gave many of us the pc which introduced us into the Internet Age. They always attempt to make their products better and higher creating extra fee and service. This is the true essence of Microsoft’s success.

These agencies do no longer have to stand alone. They are not distinctive or better. They just provide greater cost and carrier than any of their competitors. True success in enterprise starts and ends at the value and service you provide. What price and what provider can you provide for your clients? Not sure? Your assets are endless. You can provide extra than you understand possible.

You see, there is a commonplace false impression that prosperous humans are grasping and terrible people are not. I disagree with this platitude I consider that prosperous people are now not greedy, at least now not in the typical definition. The cause why they are prosperous is because they give and provide offerings and products. Yes they have commercial enterprise reasons for doing so, however right here is an fascinating question, are the wealthy grasping or are the poor? The wealthy pay themselves final and their business’ first. The rich create merchandise and services with their time and money.

Generally, the terrible have “better” matters to do with their time than create a product or provider for every other person. I’m certain they have their reasons, but at the cease of the day how an awful lot price and provider are they providing? Are they leveraging their time and money to assist millions of people? The poor have fantastic skills and abilities, but in their fear they do no longer reach out and help their fellows. They are too afraid that they “won’t get paid” for their efforts. I accept as true with that any character can find the time. Even if they work 80 hours a week to be able to create a product, service, and commercial enterprise that will assist their fellow man. Furthermore, if this product really does grant carrier and fee it will be profitable due to the fact it is why the rich are successful.

Regardless, if you agree with me or not. You will want to do what the wealthy do. You will need to furnish awesome cost and carrier for your clients. In order to do this we have to discern out what you have to give. We need to take an stock of what you presently have. This stock will permit us to center of attention your efforts closer to growing a product, service, and a enterprise toward solving a trouble and creating fee for others. This is Day 1.

The first step is take stock of what we presently have. I guarantee you have greater inventory than you may want to perhaps think about and proper now it is likely doing nothing for you. Let’s alternate that now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s never come. Only today’s. Grab your pencil and paper and let’s start the list.

I don’t prefer you to do any thinking at this point. I simply choose you to get your stuff together and collect it collectively on a list. Why you may also ask. Why do I favor to do this? Simple. All the stuff you have on your difficult pressure proper now is doing nothing for you! Especially if you have no notion what you have! The intention of Day 1 is to precisely determine what we have to use towards our goals.


1. Do you have lots and lots of greenbacks in digital inventory? Write them all down. Ebooks, courses, videos, interviews, memberships, audio, I imply everything. Write it all down. Write down the titles, a regularly occurring summary, who they are by, and rating next to them in phrases of effectiveness and usefulness. We will be going returned to this list later.

2. Do you have hundreds of bucks of area empire? You may additionally have just one area both way it’s okay. Write then all down. Let’s do some thing with all these domains gathering “virtual dust”.

3. Write down anything else you can suppose of that is amassing virtual dust. Let’s finally use all these resources. Maybe you are a member of quite a few PLR membership net sites. Seriously, take the time to write down the whole thing that you have handy to you. You will need it later.


Now that you have your digital inventory listing we can begin to analyze the assets you have round you and how we can use them to in the direction of your goals. And sure you do have many resources around you. Let’s take a second of quietness together and ponder on what we do have.

1. You are alive.

2. You have thousands and thousands of bucks in bodily inventory. Don’t agree with me? Would you supply me a leg for 50 thousand dollars? How about an eye? one hundred thousand dollars? I’m willing to guess if you take the time and certainly analyze what you *DO* have you will pleasantly surprised. You without difficulty have over a million greenbacks in inventory right now.

3. Your forums. You are surrounded by using humans who have brain and skills that you are going to need. They are an priceless resource! Surrounded with potential JV partners. They are well worth potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Treat them like the gold that they are.

4. Google. This provider is bar none the quality research agent out there. What niche do you favor to promote in? Laptops? Type in laptops +reviews to figure out what people like and don’t like about laptops. Write a couple articles, put up some PPC advertisements about benefits that clearly catch people’s interest. Type in laptops +forums and individually read via all of the forums and write down all the issues that people are presently having that they need solved. Write a information that walks a person via the laptop computer shopping for process, contact all of these humans as achievable JV partners. Google is the most high-quality aid ever. Use it and love it.

5. Your challenging drive of untapped potential. Refer returned to the listing that you higher have executed for evidence of this one.

6. The Internet. You are in the satisfactory age right now to make Internet advertising work for you. More and more corporations are going on-line and using the wave of Dotcomerism. This is nothing like the big bust that happened various years ago. This a completely extraordinary animal. Profitable businesses are being constructed every single day. Malls are dropping extra and more traffic to the Internet. Local stores are dropping profitability as days go on. Why? Because all the site visitors is going to the INTERNET. E-commerce is breaking file after record. You can’t even repeat a statistic about the Internet before it’s changed the next month. Right now it’s without difficulty into the billions of dollars. What does that mean for you? It skill get prepared to rumble. You prefer a piece of that pie and I’m going to do the whole lot in my strength to get you there. Why you might also ask? It’s because I apprehend business, however we’ll get to that later.

Now that you have your listing of digital and physical inventory. And an incomplete list of all your sources (incomplete because you are going to be including to it each day!)

Let’s determine out where we prefer to go. Why? It’s simple. If I drop you off in the middle of nowhere. Where are you going to go? Nowhere. You have no idea the place you favor to go. So you’re going to stroll around aimlessly searching for the next brilliant and vivid lights. This keep and that. Doing circles over and over. Until. Eventually, you’re proper the place you started. I comprehend a lot of us are there proper now. Chasing our tails, succumbing to the next warm income letter and “secrets” to the course of fame and fortune.

Let’s be trustworthy though we want our own destination and till we do we are taking walks round in circles. So let’s do this now. Let’s outline what our vacation spot appears like. I desire you to write down as descriptively as possible. What your vacation spot for your existence is. First describe your ideal day. Then describe your intention for your life. Now describe your dreams for your business.

Do you desire to work from home?

Be capable to travel?

Do you favor to discover the world?

Would you like your enterprise virtually automated?

Would you like to sleep in until Noon and wake up to a full Pay Pal account?

Would you like to have time to spend with your kids? See them develop up? Maybe train them from home?

Maybe you would like to be able to come up with the money for the most recent automobiles because it’s your passion?

Maybe you would like be in a position to go to all the 5 famous person eating experiences round the world?

Or perhaps you simply want to pay off some bills?

Maybe you love what you do now and you genuinely simply want to get out of some debt.

Maybe going again to zero is what you are after.

What ever it is for you. Write it down. Write it down now! I’ll wait..

Okay done? Good. Have you totally and irrevocable designed what you desire your future to be? This is a very necessary step that you will refer to constantly. You want to recognize the place you are going in order to be capable to get there. Once you have this achieved we can continue. I choose you to go thru your lists for the next couple days and parent out precisely what you presently have. Write down your resources. Maybe you have the ear of a guru with lots and heaps of humans on his list. Maybe you have the capacity to diagram web sites from scratch before breakfast. Maybe you are a budding copywriter and can write ebooks whilst looking at MTV. Whatever it is. Take a COMPLETE stock and in the Day 2 installment we will speak about creating the ROAD MAP to getting to your DESTINATIONS.

Until we “meet” again. Right now go be a part of us at the ListLair for updates on future installments of “Your Dash to the Profit Zone!”

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