Latest Trend – Small, Durable Laptops for Kids

Lately, the pc industry has determined to shift its focal point to a slightly younger demographic. No, it is no longer those technology-loving college kids, or even those teens with limitless knowledge of the Internet. Instead it’s middle-school children – a long time six through 12.

The world’s biggest PC manufacturer, HP, recently introduced the release of its new Mini-Note PC laptop – a small, rugged, mild and low-cost pc designed specially for children. More probably than not, HP’s selection to produce the Mini-Note is a direct result of the success of Asus’s Eee computer. Since its preliminary launch final year, Asus’s Eee PC has turn out to be a top seller. The miniature gadget with a 7-inch screen (referred to via the organization as a “super cellular Internet device” rather than laptop) carved its very own niche by taking intention at middle-school children. But, as is the case with any invention that finds sudden success, the crop of imitators are now starting to trickle into the marketplace.

Still, HP is virtually the biggest employer to jump into the mini-notebook market for that reason far. And their Mini-Note does offer extra features than the Asus Eee. The Mini-Note has a larger (9-inch) display and a glossy and sturdy anodized aluminum shell. It has a scratch-resistant show and the keys are covered with a protective finish. The HP Mini-Note keyboard is additionally bigger than the keyboard of the Asus Eee – making it less difficult for adults to use too. For extra durability, The Mini-Note accommodates HP 3D DriveGuard, which sends a sign to shut down the challenging force upon sudden motion or shock (like being dropped). Other benefits the Mini-Note has over the Asus desktop encompass Wi-Fi capabilities and a USB drive. The Mini-Note is about $100 extra than Eee on the lowest quit however, with a retail fee of $499 (and extra advanced fashions priced at over $1,000).

Along with offering some competition for Asus, the Mini-Note is also an attempt by using HP to crack the training market – one of the few markets the pc massive doesn’t own. Both Dell and Apple grant greater computers to faculties then HP, putting the corporation in a distant third. HP also recently announced the improvement of the Teacher Experience Exchange, an on line useful resource the place teachers can access tutorials for educating technological know-how in the classroom. Along with the Mini-Note, this initiative is meant to assist put the HP title on the minds of educators.

By gearing the Mini-Note particularly to middle-school children, HP hopes to raise their share of the education market and, hopefully, journey the identical success as Asus. For now, it’ll be interesting to see whether the more fashionable Mini-Note is able to take a chunk out of the less expensive Eee’s sales. Either way, each merchandise will face stiff competition in the coming months as more agencies try to cash-in on the mini-laptop craze. Intel (who genuinely beat Asus out of the gate with its Classmate mini-computer) will quickly be releasing the next-generation Classmate, which has a 30GB tough force and, like the Mini-Note, a 9-inch LCD screen. And, rumor has it that Acer will be next in line, releasing its very own mini-computer with a lower charge than the Eee.

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