Interphone GPS / Phone Holders – Easy Waterproof Solution For Use On Your Motorcycle Handle Bars

(To be clear, “waterproof” in the title potential weatherproof… not 2 meters beneath water)

Interphone is a division of Cellular Line, the largest phone phone add-ons maker in Europe. Interphone merchandise are designed for the motorcycle and strength recreation fanatic and encompass water-resistant Bluetooth motorbike intercoms and accessories. Naturally if you are using with a water-resistant motorcycle headset there is a top chance that circumstances will arise the place your audio source, a GPS or phone, may also need to be uncovered to the elements as well. So Interphone got here up with their bike GPS and iPhone holders with handle mounting kits.

The Interphone SM43 is designed for GPS and electronics with a 4.3″ screen (also on hand is a SM35 for 3.5″ display devices). The holder / case is made up of thick however bendy plastic, a water resistant zipper and clear display cowl which is just skinny enough that you can use an electrostatic contact display through it (with effort and now and again more than one attempts). It has a pass via port for the gadget electricity cord and a D-link for connecting the covered tether to the handle bars. Three one-of-a-kind thicknesses of spacers are also included to put in the back of the device and keep it tight in opposition to the clear protector window.

The Interphone iPhone 4 / 4S case with bike mount is a challenging plastic clam shell that splits the depth of the smartphone with a hinge at the top, rubber cushion and water sealing round the edges and a latching clamp on each aspect which hold pressure on the sealing surface. It has provisions for both of the iPhone cameras, a charging port and the headphone jack. Because the top hinge is outdoor the shell and the charging connector vicinity is internal the case (it seals round the cable) the complete size of the Interphone case extends the iPhone length by using about an inch. For this reason you would now not choose to use the Interphone iPhone case as a normal every day case but the sketch allows for handy entry and removal of the cellphone when you do prefer to use the iPhone on your motorcycle.

All of the Interphone holders slide on to the bike deal with bar mounts and lock in with a plastic tab. Prying down the tab with one finger permits the holder to slide off the mount and quickly be removed whilst the mount stays on the bike. When you buy the gadget holders, you can pick out either a spherical bar mount clamp or a non-round mounting system. Both are made absolutely of plastic and are not in particular robust but do their job fine. The round take care of bar clamp is quite simple. It includes three positions for special deal with bar diameters from 3/4″ up to 1 1/8″. A simple thumb screw is used for tightening it on to the motorcycle take care of bar. There is a ball and socket that allows the gadget connecting factor to be swiveled 360 degrees and angled about 15 tiers in any direction. This 15 degree perspective is NOT adequate to enable it to be mounted to the riser phase of the manage bars. It have to be hooked up on the horizontal location of the take care of bar. We would have desired to have a extra flexible or adjustable design but so lengthy as you have a free horizontal region on your bars it will work great. The 2nd mounting option, for non-tubular motorcycle bars, is much less elegant. It is if truth be told a large ¾” broad zip tie that can be released and reused or re-adjusted. It does then again have 2 ball / socket hinge points about 3″ apart and allows for greater mounting choices than the easy tubular mounting hardware.

If you want a rapid easy solution for mounting your GPS or iPhone on your bike cope with bars and are worried about the weather, the Interphone phone telephone holders can also fill your wishes perfectly. If you are looking for a sturdy layout that can take care of journey touring, mild or heavy off avenue use think about the RAM Mount line up instead.

Jonathan Clark is owner of Spoiled Biker, a bike intercom and accessories keep in New Bern North Carolina. Spoiled Biker consists of the Interphone GPS and mobile phone holders described above as well as the Interphone F5 Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms.

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