Bluetooth Speaker Series: Review 1, Philipsÿ

I HAVE NO vested hobby in this or any different Bluetooth speaker, but I’ve currently evaluated three of the products. This first assessment in the Bluetooth Speaker Series is for the Philips SB5200B/37 Bluetooth, Wireless, Portable, BR-1X Speaker with Rechargeable Battery. In addition to these characteristics, it’s also chainable and ruggedized.

A Chainable Speaker

What does that mean you would possibly ask? It means with the use of the by-pack audio cable you can link your Philips BR-1X speaker to any other BR-1X speaker for surrounding sound effects. Actually you can chain it to as many speakers as you have available. I can only imagine a party in the backyard, on the beach, or in the woods with friends or family… a birthday party where anyone has one of these speakers. It’s probably like being in the middle of a staged tune extravaganza.

A Ruggedized Speaker

This characteristic protects the speaker from accidents or rowdy treatment. This speaker is enveloped with a silicon cowl to protect it from the vagaries of the outdoors. Accidentally knock it over… now not a problem.

Dual Volume Setting

You can have your streaming song at both of two selectable volume ranges. It has out of doors and indoor settings. The outside placing affords the functionality for high volumes that blast the tunes via loud conversation or even sturdy winds. With the indoor placing you can relax and appreciate the full-bodied bass tones with smooth transitions thru the middle and high ranges.


This speaker weighs 1.1 pounds, and the dimensions are 8.3 by means of 3.9 by using 3.1 inches. The package consists of one 10-watt, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and the unit accepts each battery and AC power. Also, you can charge the battery by using USB. And it works with Android tablets, Bluetooth 2.1 & above, and most iPad, iPod, and iPhones.

The Take Away

If you are looking for a powerful Bluetooth enabled, portable, wireless, rechargeable speaker system, the Philips BR-1X speaker is a suitable choice. This speaker system allows you to get hold of clear, sharp tones. The ruggedized silicon covering characteristic protects your Philips speaker from accidents or unintended tough use. And the outside putting permits you to experience loud, vibrant, sturdy tones from a distance. Additionally, with the chainability option, and for the experience of a lifetime, you can purchase extra than one of these Philips Bluetooth stereo speakers in order to produce encompass sound. Imagine if all your buddies had these speakers, what a brilliant party that ought to be!

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