Bless Your Ears and Feed Your Brain: Sony Headphones

If you are sitting, strolling, painting…even mowing the lawn…and you require an Accurate, Un-Tinged replica of song as it was recorded, engineered and intended, a set of Sony MDR-7506 headphones are a must. Chances are…the song that you’re listening to may additionally have been recorded and mixed using these headphones.

The MDR-7506 boasts a frequency range from 10Hz to 20kHz. In other words, very low frequencies -ie. thumping bass drums, bass guitar, synth sub-sounds, etc. to whispy cymbals, tse-tse high hats, Kate Bush’s trills, even the phlegm in a persons’ throat upon taking every other breath can be recognized. Maybe even a problem!

I’ve owned these headphones for 7 years. Need I say more? Let me say it again. I’ve owned these headphones for 7 years after having used many different makes and models. If these ever burn out, are beaten under a truck, are thrown off of a bridge or stolen, I wouldn’t assume twice about replacing them with the same.

Our daughter was once born almost 5 years ago, we would rock her to sleep, and then I was once a rockstar in my own mind, er ah, in my headphones with electric powered guitars, sampling/ rhythm sequencer, acoustic drums (mic’d), synthesizer, recorder/mixer, and varied sweetened sonic noise toys. I would rock myself to sleep as properly except waking all people up through the night. The next day I ought to “unveil” the previous night’s workout through the room monitors. “AAAhhhh..excellent! Just as I intended!”

These phones have handled me properly with clear clean replica of what I’ve put into them. I have additionally punished myself, rattled my talent as it were.. But was able to get better barring medical attention.

The foam padded ‘closed ear cups’ really center of attention what you are listening to where you favor it. Right between your eyes. Close your eyes. . .Yes there it is. I can see it! No! now it is over there. Fans of Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Beck, Bjork…JUST TO NAME A FEW! Put down your beer, dim the lights, close your eyes and your thinking WILL experience the stereo wave. Undistorted, Un-Colored.

The closed cups also assist to stop ambient (room, yard, gym) sounds from getting into your sound-(e)scape. These are not, via the way, considered “((Noise Cancelling Headphones))”. But with the closed cups, and dynamic range…you may not truely be paying an awful lot attention to something else.
Another factor about volume vs. sound best and aural health:
With exceptional sound transducers that are capable of precisely reproducing the entire frequency range of the recording, you will find that you do not have to ‘blast’ yer telephones in order to click on your brain into the groove that you comprehend or suppose ought to be there. Listening via headphones is not like being at a exhibit where you can stand in front of the subs and feel each beat of a kick drum bounce the shirt on your chest.

Headphones are extra of a sound quality experience. An..”oh! I’ve never heard that before..or that way before” type of experience. Ahhhh! The clarity.

The MDR-7506 telephones fold up into about a palm sized package and go neatly into a supplied pouch with drawstring. I questioned about this when I obtained them. “is this gadgety or what? why do I need to fold these up? How soon earlier than something begins falling apart?” I repeat. I’ve had these for 6 years…a lot of use..and now have two kids who discover and ‘play’ with them sometimes. I haven’t had to address any of my preceding doubts or cynicism re: integrity of design.

The twine is an 8′-10′ throwback twine with ‘UniMatch’ plug. Which skill it has a 1/8″ stereo plug give up (for your iPod or video camera) and or a 1/4″ stereo plug that screws on over the 1/8″ stop so you can plug into your domestic stereo, or your mixing board, synthesizer, or your stereo delay and/or refrain consequences pedal for your guitar! Mucho enjoyable!

Not absolutely meant for physical activities. Have misplaced these off the top of my head from time to time in the course of a few power-chord rock-a-billy rants. Use of a tight knit hat on pinnacle of the whole thing helps to prevent this. Whether you’re riding a educate to work downtown, shoveling your driveway or programming the subsequent hit sensation video game. Built to boom, bop and bash..!

MDR-7506 headphones with pouch –
-unbeatable@under $100.

Don’t even mess with those little phones with foamy ear thingys that type of sit down over you ears (if you in reality prefer to hear…well..anything).

Ear buds are accurate if you are going for walks or playing tennis. They shouldn’t fall out, and won’t fall off your head at love 15.

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