Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review: Bike To Bike Range Test Report


To check proper usable vary for Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms in both an in-town environment and a rural environment and get admission to their potential to reconnect after being out of range. Test is now not designed to determine bike to bike vary in all prerequisites but it must signify the two most common prerequisites when using with a Bluetooth motorcycle headset.


In-town – Test was carried out along Hwy 70 East in New Bern North Carolina. This is a small city industrial surroundings with give up lights, gas stations and car sellers etc. All intercom models had been examined at full battery charge. Weather was once clear and 75 degrees.

Rural Environment – Test was carried out down a straight filth road about ½ mile from the closest house and numerous miles from end lights or businesses. Test was line of sight as there have been no corners for 0.8 miles. There was alternatively a radio station tower about 1 mile away (which we discovered after the test) and we had been 8 miles from a Marine Corps Air Station (Cherry Point) which no doubt puts off some radar and different signals. Weather was once clear and about 72 degrees. All intercom models were tested at full battery charge.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Range Test Procedure

In-town Environment Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Range Test – Each check was carried out with one non-moving headset in the open at 3-4 toes high beside the straight get entry to road. A 2nd identical headset was once hooked up in a full face helmet and used whilst slowly riding a bike in verbal exchange with the static unit. Distance was called out every 0.1 miles on the odometer and audio was once recorded to verify best and repeatability. There is one cease light about 0.25 miles away from the begin point in every direction. After the usable vary of the intercom was reached and the connection was lost the bike was once ridden lower back slowly (30 mph) to see at what point the intercoms reconnected. The check used to be then repeated in the contrary direction and through a one-of-a-kind intersection / give up light.

Rural Environment Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Range Test – Each check was carried out with 2 non-moving headsets. Initially we tried to get audio recordings of all headsets returned to again at a particular distance however having 4 Bluetooth headsets powered up in close proximity compromised the sign of SOME of the gadgets so rather we tested one headset at a time at 0.1 mi, 0.2 mi, 0.4 mi etc. At every distance the conversation used to be examined at stand nonetheless with no motor or other noise. We tried to isolate this test to just the range, no longer noise canceling and other abilities.

Test Samples (Product Models)

HBC200 by means of UClear (initial release firmware)

Interphone F5 – via Cellular Line

Scala Rider G9 by Cardo (initial release firmware V 1.2)

SMH10 by means of Sena Bluetooth (V 4 firmware)

UClear HBC200

Claimed Intercom Range – “up to 700m / 0.43 miles” with 2 headsets

Notes – Unlike the Sena SMH10 the UClear HBC200 seems to use VOX even when music is no longer playing. Rather than having a warm microphone it seems to absolutely silence the speakers besides when any person is talking. This is satisfactory in some regards however instead than ready for 20 seconds of silence before muting it does so almost at once after the individual on the different headset stops talking. This can reason some inflammation when the first syllable receives cut off. The annoyance component definitely goes up as you get in addition away the place it appears like the conversation receives started out and stopped very rapidly and many syllables get lost. UClear claims their use of Super Group Technology and Multi-Hop feature will enable “up to 10 or more” HBC200 headsets can be linked. Unfortunately we only had 2 headsets accessible for checking out so we may want to now not verify if this would prolong the range or not.

In-town Direction 1 – The verbal exchange was clear at 0.1 miles and functioning at 0.2 miles however then went totally silent when passing the intersection with a quit light before 0.3 miles.

In-town Direction 2 – The connection was once clearer at 0.2 miles in this direction and even 0.4 miles seemed to be usable. At 0.5 miles the connection used to be lost. The HBC200 headset units did no longer automatically reconnect upon the return outing and the intercom dialog had to be re-initiated via pushing the headset button. While the UClear’s audio aspects are pinnacle notch this failure to reconnect may want to be the HBC200’s largest flaw. Uclear established that the conversation does now not robotically restart and that this was no longer consumer related. We hope their first firmware replace will address it.

Rural Environment – we had been quite upset in the suitable vary located with reputedly no interference around. At 0.2 miles the speech used to be clear and there used to be no static but we had troubles with the VOX slicing off syllables. At 0.4 miles the intercom used to be now not usable. We are now not precisely positive why some of the headsets labored as properly or better in city than in the rural surroundings however the HBC200 did not show up to advantage from being out “in the sticks.”

Interphone F5

Claimed Intercom Range – “up to 1300m or 0.8 miles” with 2 headsets extending up to “2400m or 1.49 miles” with 6 headsets spaced flawlessly apart.

Notes – The Interphone F5 does a accurate job of muting the speakers when the different headset’s microphones are no longer in use. However, all through speech there is some moderate static noise (scratchiness) in the heritage of the voice. This without delay disappears when the other individual stops speaking.

In-town Direction 1 – The Interphone F5 was clear at 0.1 miles and usable at 0.2 miles. It transferred a lot of noise around the stop light and even though it was making an attempt to transmit and speak at 0.4 miles the speech used to be definitely unintelligible. At 0.5miles it notified by voice instantaneous that intercom used to be disconnected. Coming returned it robotically re-connected the conversation and gave a voice prompt mentioning “intercom connected” when we have been at 0.1 miles apart.

In-town Direction 2 – The F5 intercom conversation used to be distorted as we went through the intersection at 0.25 miles and a lot of interference which sounded like a synthesizer taking part in song was once heard / recorded. This noise used to be now not heard in the headset on the bike because no person was speaking to them at that time. However, the intercom stayed linked through the intersection and speech was once intelligible at 0.4 miles. At 0.5 miles the intercom again disconnected and the connection was once re-established when we got here again to inside 0.1 miles of the different headset.

In-town Direction 1 with a third F5 headset – Interphone claims that having more headsets in the crew will extend the vary of the group. We set one headset at 0.15 miles and ran the equal check as above. The give up mild intersection still scrambled the sign and triggered a lot of digitized tune sound so that it was once in general unusable on the different aspect of the intersection then again we were able to go to 0.6 miles and flip around barring encountering the “intercom unavailable” message and the relay impact appeared to help clarity extra than harm it. The urban surroundings may also be a higher test for this feature of the Interphone F5 so we will repeat it again in our subsequent check barring stoplights and businesses around.

Rural Environment Range Test Interphone F5 – This is where the Interphone REALLY shined. After trying out it out in the usa there used to be no query it was the satisfactory Bluetooth intercom for lengthy vary conversations. Very little static was heard and the speech was once absolutely intelligible at 0.8 miles. At 0.9 miles it notified with the aid of speech that the intercom connection used to be lost. Upon returning we have been notified at 0.4 miles that the intercom was once linked and speech used to be without delay clear.

Sena SMH10

Claimed Intercom Range – “up to 900 meters / 0.56 miles”

Notes – While the SMH10 has a VOX characteristic on hand when there is a tune supply we did now not use song all through this test and alternatively selected the “open mic” intercom call. Basically as soon as commenced the mic is always hot. The SMH10 consequently transmits the entirety and while related there is a slight hum even when no one is talking. The slightest engine or wind noise would drown it out but it is an indication that you are connected. As you get similarly apart the hum tends to flip into digitized musical static.

In-town Direction 1 – The Sena SMH10 was clear at 0.1 miles and turned to a digitized static at 0.2 miles and onward.

In-town Direction 2 – The Sena used to be clear at 0.1 decent at 0.2 miles but grew to become vague as we went thru the stoplight at 0.3 miles. It stayed connected and was usable at 0.4 miles but at 0.5 miles there used to be no audio signal transmitted. When returning the SMH10 gadgets have been still connected and usable at 0.4 miles apart.

Rural Environment Range Test Sena SMH10 – The conversation used to be clear at 0.1 miles and frequently usable at 0.2 miles then again there was once really static affecting the conversation. At 0.3 miles there was no signal transferred. Similar to UClear HBC200 the Sena SMH10 labored as properly or higher in city than in the rural environment.

Cardo Scala Rider G9

Claimed Intercom Range – “Up to 1 mile”

Notes – The Scala Rider G9 does a excellent job of setting apart and removing the undesirable noise / static and distortion from the signal. While the SMH10 tends to let too tons thru the Scala Rider G9 and UClear HBC200 may additionally isolate too much, allowing solely best speech thru and muting the entirety else. No doubt some will admire this however some compromise of static for greater usable range would be nice. (In-town check was once performed besides elevating the antennae while the rural check used to be carried out with the antennae raised.

In-town Direction 1 – We had wonderful hopes that the Scala G9 would be in a position to overcome the interference however it was not the case. The Scala Rider G9 was clear at 0.1 miles and definitely quiet at 0.2 miles.

In-town Direction 2 – The Scala Rider G9 was once clear at 0.1 miles and absolutely quiet at 0.2 miles.

Rural Environment Range Test Scala Rider G9 – Similar to the in -town situation the Scala Rider G9 was once clear at 0.1 miles and then quiet (no voice signal transferred) at 0.2 miles. However, the headset did no longer notify us that “Rider A unavailable” till we reached 0.9 miles (and rounded the nook out of line of site). Upon return the headset in no way notified us that we have been again connected however at 0.1 miles the mic used to be energetic and the dialog again ought to be heard. So Cardo’s declare of breaking the 1 mile beerier is technically true due to the fact they were still “connected” however also totally false because they are not usable at 1.0 miles even with line of web page and low interference.


In the metropolis environment you are in all likelihood to be riding nearer collectively and at slower speeds so the noticeably brief range shouldn’t genuinely impede the use of these gadgets for communicating bike to bike. In massive organizations the place you should have a number of vehicles between and possibly get caught at one light while the other bike continues the interference noise and shorter vary will definitely motive some annoyance. The Sena SMH10 and Interphone F5 regarded to have the first-rate usable range and capacity to remain related even when interference prevented them from communicating clearly. They did however, purpose / allow the most distorted noise / static to come via while the UClear HBC 200 and Scala G9 prevented that from coming into the headset.

Winner Bluetooth Headset Range Test – Interphone F5 – If bike to bike range is excessive on your priorities for Bluetooth headset features you have to seriously consider the Interphone F5. In the rural surroundings nothing else comes shut and adding extra headsets to the crew only extends the range. Of course, you ought to select one of the others and then connect it to a GMRS radio or purchase a ChatterBox X1 Slim to get greater vary but we doubt you will have any complaints with the F5.

Jonathan Clark is proprietor of Spoiled Biker, a bike intercom and accessories keep in New Bern North Carolina. Spoiled Biker strives to furnish correct real world check reports to help you determine which merchandise fine meet your needs. All of the Bluetooth motorbike intercoms described in this record are accessible with free transport and guaranteed lowest price from Spoiled Biker

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