Are Bicycle Helmet Speakers a Cause for Safety Concerns?

Its summer season time and the avid biker is out on the road getting some exercising and playing the gorgeous weather. Some of us take a pretty ride alongside a united states of america street for the exciting of it, while others take advantage of the excellent summer weather to go back and forth to work. In each case the state of affairs is a non-public choice.

It is also a non-public selection whether or now not to put on a bicycle helmet (within the law). And again it is a non-public desire whether or not or now not to use a Bluetooth system to sync to an audio device. Lets take a quick seem at some data and some professionals and cons on the concern of bicycle helmets and Bluetooth helmets.

In 21 US states, some bicyclists are required via law to wear a helmet. This commonly governs the mandatory use of helmets for bikers age 17 years or less (age varies by way of state). Twenty-nine US states have no bicycle safety legal guidelines requiring bicycle helmets. In all states it is up to the person adult bike owner to make his/her preference to put on a bicycle helmet.

Regarding biker safety; it is honestly a smart preference to wear a bicycle helmet at all times. Accidents take place and you never understand when. True a bicycle helmet is proscribing and distracts from the complete one with nature feeling, however its simply proper sense.

Now involving the use of a Bluetooth device or a Bluetooth helmet while riding; the subject matter is no longer so black and white.

I have not found any restrictions regarding the use of helmet speakers for bicycle helmets. However; eleven US states have restrictions on the use of motorcycle helmet speakers. This would indicate that some legislators consider that their use should be dangerous.

These restrictions include:

Prohibited – Prohibited to use or possess (1 state).
Prohibited – Unlawful to operate motor vehicle, while the use of earphones (2 states).
No earphones allowed. Helmet audio system are allowed (1 state).
Single earphone solely (4 states).
For conversation only (3 states).
Analyzing this listing it appears as although the legislators are trying to modify the audio content (discourage loud music, enable voice communication) but do no longer know how to formulate a law that can be interpreted proper and enforceable.

Let’s follow this evaluation to bicycling. As a safe biker it makes right feel to maintain the sound degree down. Being aware of your surrounding at all times is paramount to secure biking and loud song is a distraction.

If you choose to listen to song while you trip follow these protection tips:

Use helmet speakers. Do no longer use earphones or ear buds.
If you must use earphones or ear buds, use only one.
Keep the music to heritage levels so you can hear any ambient sounds.
So why have to you very own a Bluetooth helmet?

Our active existence nowadays require that we continue to be in regular contact with others. Most of us raise cellular phones with us and hate to omit calls. Pairing your cell cellphone to your Bluetooth helmet makes receiving calls a breeze. Once you answer your call, it is up to you if you prefer to pull off to the aspect of the road and discuss (the safest action) or speak & ride. Each call can be dealt with in another way depending on the situation.

GPS navigation is some other proper motive to own a Bluetooth helmet. Pairing a handsfree handheld GPS unit with your Bluetooth system will permit you to give and acquire GPS voice commands. This can come in available when exploring u . s . roads on a afternoon outing. GPS bike mounts are reachable to mount a handheld GPS unit to your bike.

Bike to Bike communications. If you like to experience with a group of friends it is nice at times to be in a position to speak with your buddies except stopping or yelling long distances. Pairing your Bluetooth helmet to a 2-way radio will allow you to discuss freely to different contributors of your team having 2-way radios. This may want to be in particular on hand in large corporations the place a radio in the the front and lower back of the team will assist maintain the crew together.

I am Mike Edwards writer of Bluetooth for helmet and new-GPS.

These two complementary websites ( [] and [] ) explain options available to all helmet wearers fascinated in wi-fi conversation and GPS navigation. Before purchasing any helmet Bluetooth system or GPS unit, go to my web sites to analyze how to integrate all you wi-fi communication, navigational and song needs.

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