Apple Debuts New Talking iPod Shuffle

On the equal day Apple released an replace for iTunes, Apple releases a new iPod Shuffle that has anybody talking, inclusive of the iPod Shuffle itself. The new Apple iPod Shuffle, scheduled to be released on April 3, 2009 has revolutionized the sub-$100 mp3 market, once again. Not solely does it discuss with its function known as VoiceOver, however it also is an awful lot smaller with a dimension of 1.8″ by means of 0.3″. This is about half the measurement of the preceding generation, and that was small, however it is additionally smaller than a key! There are no controls on the genuine device as they have been moved to earphone cord. The 4GB version, which can keep one thousand songs is available at a price of $79 USD or $99 CDN with two colours, black and silver. For some purpose they’re phasing out the 2GB version, and keeping the 1GB. If everyone can provide an explanation for this to me, be my guest.

The new iPod Shuffle has some things that would possibly shake your head, however that may just be due to the fact your listening to your tunes with it. In any case, I’ve spotted some flaws with it. First off, the headphones with VoiceOver are amazing however what happens if you lose it or ruin it. Then you’ll have to shell out every other $50 for the earphones themselves and this is about half the fee of the mp3 player. It’s almost like buying a printer and paying for an ink cartridge. Another small issue is the lack of color in the lineup. Only silver and black Apple? Come on now. To coincide better with the Nano lineup, I assume it would be higher if they launched the identical colours so one sibling who is older can have a Nano and the youthful sibling can have a Shuffle in the identical colour.

Last but now not least, is the reality that the controls are on the headphones so you have zero flexibility in respect to altering headphones (as they fall out of my ear) and if you are the use of it while walking or it is cold, some humans like to loop their headphones below their clothes and then you have a problem with altering tracks. With all it’s problems, comes benefits, definitely, in my opinion, outweighing the drawbacks. Previously you ought to not talk with the Shuffle due to the fact the lack of a screen, however now it is speaking with you, giving you an update when your battery desires charging or if you favor the song/artist name, you can press a button and as the song extent dips, the iPod will inform you. On the new Shuffle, there is now the potential to have a couple of playlists with the addition of VoiceOver. There are additionally 3 distinctive modes of listening to your music, shuffle (if it didn’t have this feature, what would they name it?), straight, and just regular.


This is without any doubt in my thought that this is the nice Apple iPod Shuffle to date. Who is aware of what they’ll think of next. My hope would be a way to call someone. But this is just a wish, first they may have to do it on the Nano. What’s your wish?


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