Amazon Kindle 3 Review: Head to Head Against the Nook and iPad

Kindle 3, a tasteful evolution to the most famous e book reader, and now it matches in your stocking. The redecorate of the Kindle provides a fashionable new graphite finish. Meaning it no longer looks like a comically large 2d generation iPod had a bastard toddler with a PDF reader. It points a new 6.5? E-Ink display with 50% better contrast than the Kindle 2. Images are crisp and sharp, blacks are deep and rich. At the equal time it had a 15% discount in size, and a 21% discount in weight at solely 8.7 oz. Page flip is now 20% faster even though nevertheless a little laggy. A new rubbery end used to be delivered to the back, which absolutely lends itself to one-handed reading, and keeps your fingers from sweating.

Although the redesign is a ways from revolutionary, it has some wonderful physical changes, barring proportions and color. The top row of numbers has been removed, and transferred to the symbol menu. The directional rocker now lays almost flush with the body. Which may additionally be a downside to users with larger, sausage like fingers. A new sliding power button, quantity buttons, micro usb port, and headphone jack had been relocated to the bottom of the device. The headphones hag more comfortably. The side buttons used to turn pages have been flattered, and moved to the sides. Some people bitch they are now simpler to leave out if you are buried in your book. I, personally, discover them rather natural, and they make a fulfilling nearly inaudible click on when pressed. Advantageous if you are reading in bed whilst your partner is sleeping.

They’ve additionally doubled the storage house to 4GB, roughly 3,500 books, and doubled the battery existence to four weeks (without WiFi disabled.) Just as the past model boast free 3G coverage so does this one but the $189 model also has WiFi capabilities. Including but no longer constrained to transferring Audible audio books without the use of a computer. This leads me to the experimental points which are secondary not necessary.

Have you ever wondered what the interweb would seem like as a silent film? Wonder no extra candy citizen! The Webkit gives you the internet in glorious (hilarious) gray-scale. Kindle 3?s browser, (as lackluster as it may seem) is a large enchancment on the preceding generations. Full page view, now with photos! and page load speeds similar to any smart phone. Article mode, which is supposed to trade articles into textual content only format, leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve encountered no occasion the place it does whatever big at all, let along enhance readability. It more often than not just motives issues with margins and leads to a lot of scrolling. The new webkit can alternatively zoom, show web sites in actual size, or in shape to device.

Although it doesn’t support EPUB,(booooo) due to the fact of DRM issues, it does however guide PDF with a cursor for highlighting text, and 6 new contrast options. You can also electronic mail PDF’s without delay to your kindle, and download them by using WiFi.

Other new aspects encompass a microphone, down load monitoring, full display mode, 2 dictionaries, The Oxford Dictionary of English, and The New Oxford American Dictionary. Also Alt-Del aggregate for clearing text.

What We Like;
+ Light and skinny ( fantastically portable)
+ Bright crisp display
+ Price $139, $189
+ 450,000 titles (30,000 are public domain)
+ Readable in direct daylight
+ Archive, collections, create notes & bookmarks, as nicely as clipping articles
+ Callibre utility to convert books to Kindle-friendly
+ Quality choices such as text-size, type face, and so forth
+ Incredibly easy interface
+ Whispernet(over 100+ nations
+ Battery life!

What We Dislike (Or would’ve preferred to have seen)
– No color
– No video assist (We wanted B&W youtube)
– Not great for textual content books or manuals (Sorry engineers)
– Board Games would be fine (Chess or Sudoku)
– Price $189 ( $99 would sincerely make it a must-have)
– No back-lightingRecommended Accessories:
Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Comes In 7 Colors
$59.99 (A little pricey but absolutely takes care of the back-lighting issue) reachable at and most locations that promote the Kindle.
The Competition:
The Nook – Barnes & Noble $199

How it Outperformed:
+ In-house-support
+ Browsing with full text examples
+ More titles 100,000,000+ (and over 500,000 free)
+ E-Ink visplay LCD coloration show
+ LendMe- free e book rentals for 14 days
+ EPUB, PDB aid
+ Virtual keyboard
+ In-store reductions
+ Free wifi from AT&T at Barnes & Noble
+ Replaceable battery
+ MicroSD card slot
+ SonyReader library can be transferred
+ Sudoku and chess
+ Runs on Android

How it Underperformed:
– Smaller show – 3.5?
– Weight 12 oz
– Battery life 10 days (without WIFI)
– 2GB storage
– Price $199
– Screen contrast
– No text-to-speech
– No microphone
– No stereo audio system
– No Audible audio books (only mp3)
– No.txt,.doc,.docx aid
– Slow and insensitive touchscreen (basically useless)
– Illogical and nonfunctional interface (Seriously I’m now not attempting to be imply but it’s as if a blind man or woman made it)
– Very buggy
– Horrid page refresh rate

We in my view think the Kindle three blows the nook away. The aspects in which it performs better are overshadowed via it is faults. Which are distracting and frustrating, now not lending to a perfect studying experience. Which is the factor of an ebook reader right?

The iPad – Apple – $486 $788
How it Outperforms:
+ Larger, color, capacitive contact display
+ Video assist (but no flash bawwwww.:[ Yeah I said it. )
+ iTunes
+ 1 GHz processor (no refresh charge problems here)
+ 16, 32, or 64GB storage
+ Bluetooth
+ Great for magazines and papers, technical manuals, and text books (due to coloration display)

How it Under-performs:
– Price $458 – $788
– Pay for 3G
– Weight/Size
– Battery life
– Oh you try to read in the sun, I dare you
– No notes, now not even on the Kindle app
– Less titles (only 60,000 on iBooks for iPad)
– Books are extra high priced
– Distractions while analyzing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

I should sit and wreck down comparisons about who has greater storage or a higher display all day. The real trouble at hand is what do you favor out of it? What do you need the e-reader for. If you desire bright, bold, color pages, magazine articles, and YouTube videos. Then cough up the more cash and purchase an iPad. If you choose coloration display however do not care that the person interface may additionally or might also no longer have been coded via the mentally disabled. Then pay the extra $10 for the Nook. Barnes and Noble does have a broader selection of books. But if you’re like us and you desire a hand held gadget because you like reading, not the bells and whistles. (Don’t get me incorrect who does not like toys.) Then the Kindle 3 is the cream of the crop, an avid readers dream of their entire library in the palm of their hands, in a package deal that weighs as a lot as a single paperback book.

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