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The Acer new launch netbook, Acer Aspire One, is what they stated it to be – not an everyday laptop but as a substitute a new era of “internet device”. However it does not convince different IT corporations together with Intel and their netbook rival Asus, they still reflect onconsideration on their laptop computer a “netbook”. The complete thinking of netbook is first delivered by Asus with their series of Asus Eee models.

Despite the late arrival of Acer Aspire One, it has the viable to be the netbook market leader. So, what make them so unique? Below I will summarize a list of features on this new Acer netbook:

Acer Aspire One Catchy Design

Aspire One has a curved edges with glossy blue finishes. The universal dimensions are 249 x one hundred forty x 29mm thick, which make it thinner and wider by using 25mm than the Asus Eee PC 901. The universal weight of Aspire One is additionally lighter than the Eee PC 901. One of the main motives is principally due to the use of lightweight 2200mAh battery. The format of Acer Aspire One gives a more mature seem to the Asus Eee PC series. For some experts, the appears of aspire One is nevertheless regarded not as exact as the Eee series.

Operating System

Acer Aspire One comes with two types of working device software installation for their users to select from, there are primarily based on Windows or Linux systems.

Linux system: The Acer netbook with Linux machine comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor with 512 Mb RAM memory. However for this series, it comes with a slightly disappointment in term of its storage capacity, solely 8Gb of NAND flash memory capacity.

Windows system: For these fashions with Windows system, you will get a similar type of processor but with larger RAM and storage capacities. 1.0Gb RAM memory and 80Gb of tough drive. This mannequin netbook, the storage ability is actually not an trouble but it is extra inclined to loss of statistics in the challenging power due to influence or movable parts.

Ports and Connections

Acer Aspire One comes with a popular three USB ports: one at the left side and some other two ports at the proper side. This is truly an extra bonus for this collection of Acer netbook. A list of different ports and slots that comes along with Acer Aspire One is given as follows:

D-Sub video output slot
Ethernet port
Mic port
Headphones port
SD card readers (at both aspect of the netbook)
Other Features of the Acer Aspire One
This netbook has a LCD display panel of 8.9″ width with a 1,024 x 600 pixel screen. It also comes alongside with a 1.3 mega pixel web cam that permits you to chat and speak with household or pals via internet.

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